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Birding Colombia / Colombia endemic Birds / Birding Tours Colombia
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The mission of our company is to ensure that the traveler has the best experience in Colombia and fall in love with our beautiful country.Birding Colombia
We want our country to shine and stand out in the memories of our customers, providing personalized service , focusing on the interests of the travelers. We want our customers to reload energy, joy and wellness and leave Colombia with a good impression of this land and its people .We are passionate Colombia fans!The magic of this diverse country motivates us to share our passion with you. Colombia is magical realism!Birding Colombia / Colombia endemic Birds / Birding Tours Colombia    



We are also committed to do responsible and sustainable tourism. We want the local people to be benefited from our tours, bringing fair work opportunities and supporting local projects with  the communities. By doing our tours in small groups we ensure there is not going to be a negative impact in the environment. We also support and promote conservation and social initiatives. We do a lot of work with our customers, employees and locals trying to develop a sense of pertinence with all the places we visit, so that people take care of biodiversity and natural resources.Birding Colombia                

birding tours colombia


birding tours in colombia


Our team Birding Colombia / Colombia endemic Birds / Birding Tours Colombia

We will make sure that your trip to Colombia is fun. For all ages, we have the right tour - travel fun guaranteed. Let us do the work in the background and enjoy your trip! It is equally important for us that all employees really enjoy their work. Over the years we have created a wonderful team. Together we work to provide a unique experience in our country.


Claudia Cardozo                                                                                              Birding Colombia

Administrative and legal consultant. Claudia is the reason that everything in Cali Tours works efficiently, punctual and precise. She studied in Cali at the Santiago de Cali University and graduated as a Lawyer. She is specialist in Administrative and constitucional Law. Claudia is the administrative backbone of our company, and her spontaneity and friendliness are two af her best attributes. She is happily married with Julio Delgado, Owner of Calitours. Birding Colombia


Julio Delgado                                                                                                                        

Owner Cali Tours. Full time Tour Coordinator with more than 5 years of experience. He knows the places of the Tours  since childhood and has excellent relationships with locals in each place. Julio speaks fluent English, Spanish and a little German . Experienced bird-watcher with great intuition and radar for birds. He Knows the names of birds in English , songs and favorite places . It is a  passionate, cheerful and friendly person , people use to feel  great empathy with him.Birding Colombia

 Birding Colombia / Colombia endemic Birds / Birding Tours Colombia

Manuel Sanchez                                                                                                              Birding Colombia

Birding guide and Expedition biologist consultant. Manuel is a biologist from the Universidad del Valle in Cali, Colombia.He has  worked as both, field assistant and main researcher in a variety of bird and mammal projects conducted in the Central and Western Andean forests of Colombia. He has also bird watched and worked extensively in the Peruvian Amazon. He has  been studying birds since 2008 focused on its behavior, ecology, and breeding biology. Manuel is always in good mood and is joyful person. He likes to share all his passion about birds and nature.

Birding Colombia / Colombia endemic Birds / Birding Tours Colombia
Birding Colombia / Colombia endemic Birds / Birding Tours Colombia

Jorge Garcerá                                                                                                 Birding Colombia

Full time Guide. Due to his great interest for history, economics and politics, he has traveled through several countries and learned languages (German, English). After his master studies in the Netherlands, Jorge has worked for several years as a tour guide in Berlin, where he has focused on historical and scenic visits. Back to his native city (Cali), he wants to share with visitors from all around the world his knowledge of the most interesting places in Cali, its traditions and lifestyles, as well as the exuberant nature surrounding the city. His tours will allow you in a short time to feel at ease in Cali, because he is sure that, as a famous author used to say, if you talk about your village, you will talk about the world.

 Birding Colombia / Colombia endemic Birds / Birding Tours Colombia